Good luck, Scotland!

Today, people in Scotland will vote to renew their parliament and I am really pleased that, as a European citizen living in the country, I will be given the chance to express my view and cast my ballot.

Since when I first arrived in Glasgow 12 months ago, I felt welcomed by the warmth and the positive spirit of this proud community. My professional life has benefit enormously by the serenity that this tantalizing land inspires and I will always be grateful to Scotland for this amazing year.

During this time, I have been travelling a lot back and forth from London, taking the opportunity to ponder on many aspects of the complex institutional arrangement which governs Britain. While I could appreciate the increasing political divide between the north and the south of this beautiful island, I can’t help but thinking that is in the best interest of its inhabitants to keep the Kingdom United and European.

Six years after my arrival from Italy, in a moment where Britain is strained by unprecedented political tensions, I felt the need to join a complex conversation. I approached British politics with the humble curiosity of the novice and the commitment proper for the causes you care the most about, as the future of the country I chose to live in is deeply intertwined with mine.

This is why I joined the Labour Party, with the paramount respect for a democratic organization which still cherishes those values that its Italian counterpart has longingly forgotten. This is why I supported Jeremy Corbyn‘s bid to change the political momentum of Britain and Europe, taking them away from the austerity nightmare we struggle awakening from.

Under the guide of Corbyn Labour is our best chance to write a different future for Britain and Scotland within it. This is why tomorrow I will cast my vote for the young and energetic leader Kezia Dugdale and to support the brilliant work that Michael Shanks has shown me to be capable of doing for our Kelvin constituency.

My dear Scotland, I wish you the best of luck and a bright, red, future!


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